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Oshalla Diana Marcus (OM) is highly skilled in the craft of structural wellness, expressive arts therapy and teaching the art of movement: Dance Fitness, Yoga & Pilates Mat.

Oshalla has teamed up with her partner in the Argentinian Tango, Jean-Pierre Sighe as a co-facilitator in the Pre Tango "Connection" Workshop sharing twith students  the basic skills necessary to be a good partner -the ability to connect- and move in sync. No dance experience  needed to attend!

She is honored to be a trained facilitator for The Emotional Emancipation Circles for persons of African-descent.  The circles are designed and maintained by the Community Healing Network (CHN) along with the National Association of Black Psychologists and is part of a worldwide movement. As a woman committed to the healing of all life she is particularly passionate about furthering this important work in her maternal/paternal community,consisting of individuals & families still impacted by painful legacies.

optimal wellness includes our ability to listen and be heard by others
it feels good To Be Embodied

Ms. Marcus is a Wellness Professional who trained in India to receive her Certification from Swami Vivekananda Anumathan Smathan (SVYSA) as a Yoga Instructor/Therapist, in addition to certifications in Pilates Mat and Advanced Bodywork Therapies. Her work with students and clients is committed to bringing out radiance and creative expression while her expression of artistic mediums seek to  emotionally engage and inspire actions that heal.

She is a graduate of the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) with a focus on the connection between physical, meta-physical, emotional  and environmental health. A professional working actress, she is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, (SAG)  The American Federation of Television &n Radio Artists (AFTRA)  and is represented by the STARS Agency in San Francisco, California

Innate talent & skills have been honed by decades of work with students and clients who give ardent testimonial to the effectiveness and clarity of the work.

Ms. Marcus continues to offer private sessions in Yoga and structural therapy in addition to offering the following workshops:


Posture Perfect System,

Massage on a Roll, 

Pranyama-The Healing Breath. 

Dance Fit Fusion!

In addition to the Performance Art Workshopfor artists desiring to have their work directed and produced in various mediums.