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Please Note:  Emotional Emancipation Circles EEC's and all related copyrights, marks and logos are copyrights and service marks owned exclusively by Community Healing Network, Inc and may be used only with its permission. Local EEC collaborators, trainers, facilitators, hosts, or corporate affiliates of Community Healing Network or the Association of Black Psychologists. Emotional Emancipation Circles are psycho-emotional and are not intended to be-nor should they be treated as- a substitute for professional counseling, advice, or therapy. Participants are urged to seek the help of qualified mental health professionals, if and when necessary.

Healing Circles

Oshalla Arts & Wellness is a trained to facilitate Emotional Emancipation Circles as part of a world wide movement of healing for people of African-descent.  Oshallla conducts these training through the lens of cultural health and wellness, not as psychotherapy. 

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