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Scripts for Educators

D.L. Marcus has written several theme based children's plays used by educators and enjoyed by the entire family. Select a theme. Contact us for further instructions.

Seven Rays of Light: 

Themes: Kwanzaa,  Universal Principals, Shared Hero's Journey, Physically Challenged Elders. 

Diantes's Adventure:

Themes: Family Unity, Hero's Journey, Meditation, Four Cultural Roads of Humanity.

Seven Principals & the Secret Truth:

Themes: Kwanzaa, Passed on Traditions, Nature Education

Welcome to The Cotton Club:

Themes: American History, Harlem  Renaissance, Music Appreciation, Literature

So much HIS-TORY has been written by those who

took power.

When  OUR-STORY is written, spoken and shared we  re-claim our power.

Truth needs to be told because the Lies have been bold.

Check out Oshalla telling HER-STORY...

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