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Oshalla's extensive knowledge of anatomy & physiology make her one of the best teachers of movement & practitioner of Bodywork Therapy that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I attend her workshops and have  being seeing her for private monthly wellness sessions for years.  Elizabeth Benedict. Playwright/Actress

"I have been getting massages from Oshalla for over a year. She is so capable, loving, and generous with her clients. Her advice and blessings are such a welcome and i always leave her feeling so much better. I call her the "woman with wise hands".   Shayna Stein

​I am a physical therapist and have had numerous massages over the last 25 years. However Oshalla is the only massage therapist I will go to since I met her 8 years ago. To put it simply, she has the unusual gift of being able to feel a person's tissues and adapt her hands-on techniques to that person's needs. She possesses excellent therapeutic & intuitive skills. I highly recommend her!
Amber Asselin, Former Director of Physical Therapy. Kentfield Rehabilitation Clinic

Oshalla Diana Marcus and I have worked together for nearly 30 years as fitness professionals.  For the past 4 years, we have worked together at Bay Club Marin, one of the premier health clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving 4500 members with 175 complimentary classes each week.  During these 4 years, I have been her supervisor and can speak to the high level of professionalism, integrity, and authenticity Oshalla brings to her classes and to a working relationship.  Quoting from a member comment about Oshalla, “she creates an ideal yoga space, where a student can grow and develop.”  Oshalla’s versatility as a teacher is evidenced by the variety of formats she teaches, including yoga, yoga/dance, yoga/weights, and dance classes.  Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  Every class is different, interesting, and strikes just the right joyful balance between serious and playful.  She adapts easily to new situations and brings the calm confidence of a seasoned teacher into any situation.  She is popular with both members and other staff, always willing to sub classes and to take on new challenges and opportunities when possible.  Her level of commitment to her job is evidenced by her punctuality and responsibility for her classes and by our members’ commitment to her.  She makes herself available to members both before and after classes, answers questions, addresses special needs and interests, and exceeds expectations for her professionalism and interactions with members and staff.  With her background as a massage therapist, she brings an awareness and understanding of the body that distinguishes her from other instructors.
Linda Jean Morello.  Director of Fitness /Wellness Programming.  Bay Club Marin

I am a very active 40 year old who has previous shoulder & elbow surgeries, I try to have regular sports massages to keep me active & injury free. Over the years, one thing is consistent, whether I am recovering from an injury, training for an event or just need a massage; the only person I trust & always come back to is Oshalla. She truly has an expert touch & fully understands the complexities of the body…I always leave feeling 30!  Daniel Osborn. Financial Services

Oshalla has healing a healing heart and hands. I am 63 years old and plagued with fairly serious auto-immune issues. Oshalla seems to have an innate sense of what my muscles need. Her hands are strong; she has an in-depth knowledge of the human body, and she's a beautiful person, inside and out. I give her the highest recommendation.  Barbara Levinson,  Educator

Oshalla is amazingly gifted at what she does. I believe her long history of doing dance and being interested in the body and how it works has helped develop her into a really sensitive, intuitive, experienced and effective massage therapist/bodyworker. As someone who works in the healing arts myself I am much more picky than most, and cannot recommend Oshalla highly enough :-)  Sebastian Earl. Psychotherapist